Elevations Real Estate was founded at the end of 2012 by a group of like-minded, experienced real estate brokers looking to create a brokerage keenly focused on the needs of their clients and driven by a collective sense of family and community.  There’s a saying in our industry that “all real estate is local” and Elevations Real Estate was designed to focus on exactly that: our local community, our local client base, and our local businesses and economy.

The brokerage is made up of a dozen partners who all share an equal interest in the ownership and operation of the office. The initial goal was to create a low overhead, high customer experience service organization that allows each of our brokers to enjoy a successful career yet maintain a strong balance in their family and recreational pursuits. By sharing responsibility for the operations of the brokerage, each of the partners’ individual talents and business acumen combines for a sum greater than its parts.

Elevations Real Estate LLC is a new kind of real estate brokerage, based on innovation and maintaining a technological edge, staying out in front of an ever-changing market. We’re locally owned and our agents, each of us experienced and successful, are equal owners and partners of the brokerage. Collectively, the broker/partners at Elevations Real Estate comprise 180 years of experience in real estate with the average tenure of each broker at nearly 14 years.  We are dedicated to professionalism and a commitment to the highest standards of real estate practice. We’re small and we’re going to stay that way – we’re convinced that is how we can best serve your needs.  Most importantly, we’re committed to being the best real estate brokerage in the region – in the only way that matters: a top-notch experience you’ll want to tell all your friends about!

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