Congratulations on buying a house in Fort Collins! This beautiful city is an amazing place to call home, though we may be biased. If you are lucky enough to own a house in this booming market, it’s understandable why you want to show pride in your home by decorating it well. Here are our best tips for decorating your new home in Fort Collins.

Let Go of the Old

Before you even move into your new home, you can start decorating it by getting rid of the old stuff you have that no longer suits you. Have a wobbly chair that is near the end of its life? Get rid of it now before you leave. Got some gifts that aren’t to your taste? Time to donate them. This process will streamline both the moving out and moving in processes, and you will thank yourself. Aim to get rid of at least 25 percent of what you own. A garage sale can give you a little extra cash for your new digs, and you’ll appreciate your new home even more if it isn’t filled with clutter you never use.

Take Your Time

Once you move into your new place, it’s understandable why you would want to have it all decorated to your liking as soon as possible. That being said, how you think you will use your space and how you will actually use your space are two different things most of the time. There are a lot of things about a new home that you won’t figure out until you live there for a while, such as the fact you don’t sit in the dining room for meals very often or you prefer the way the armchair in the living room looks in the bedroom. Give yourself some time to figure these things out before spending a lot of money to decorate in a certain way.

Let in the Light

Here in Colorado, we get more than 300 days of sunshine a year; use the sunniness of the state to light up your home! Natural sunlight is good for you, and it makes any room seem warmer. Ditch the heavy, dark curtains and go for sheer panels made of lightweight fabrics such as silk, cotton, or linen.

Connect with Color

So you have an antique chaise from your grandmother, while the rest of your furniture ranges from a couple decades old to brand new. How on earth are you supposed to connect the hodge-podge of furniture and decor in your new home? Easy: with color! So your grandmother’s chair has a hint of yellow, as does your geometric rug. Draw these elements together by painting a yellow accent wall in your living room! Suddenly, very different aspects of your home decor seamlessly flow together.

Expand Your Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy way to make any room in your home look larger and feel brighter. The key is to hang them perpendicularly to the windows. Avoid hanging them directly opposite of a window, however, as this reflects the light right back outside.

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