At Elevations Real Estate LLC, we have great affection for the wonderful city of Fort Collins. Northern Colorado is our home, and Fort Collins stands as a charming gem among the mountains and rolling fields. If you are looking to buy a home in FoCo, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the area. In this blog, we have compiled a list of some fun facts about Fort Collins that you may have missed.

  • Old Town, the downtown of Fort Collins, inspired Main Street USA in Disneyland. When Walt Disney was building his famous theme park, his employee, Harper Goff, introduced him to his quaint hometown, Fort Collins. Disney was so enchanted by this Colorado town that he used some of the features into Main Street.
  • Fort Collins was once known as the “Lamb Feeding Capital of the World.” In the early 20th century, thousands of sheep benefited from the thriving beet industry by feeding on sugar beet plant leaves.
  • If you’ve spent time in FoCo during the winter months, you have probably noticed large flocks of geese on any body of water you encounter. This is because 60,000 geese fly down from Canada every year for winter.
  • Fort Collins is a very active city that is happy to offer the amenities necessary to keep you moving, including 600 acres of park; 40,000 acres of natural areas; three golf courses; 20 miles of bike lanes; an ice rink; and three swimming pools.
  • If you love beer, you will be remiss not to not spend some time in Fort Collins. With more than 25 local breweries, including New Belgium, Odell, Funkwerks, Black Bottle, Equinox, and the Fort Collins Brewery, FoCo is a veritable beer lover’s paradise.

  • Perhaps most famous of all, the Budweiser plant is also located in Fort Collins, and is also the home of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses.
  • The word is out about what a high quality of life you can anticipate having when you live in Fort Collins—it has been listed as one of the top ten Best Places to Live in the U.S. by Money Magazine three times, in 2006, 2008, and 2010, respectively.
  • Another reason to love the FoCo life: it was named the third healthiest mid-sized city by a 2014 Gallup poll. Living here is a surefire way to connect with others who are focused on their health and fitness!
  • If you are looking for a fun time, make sure you are in Fort Collins for Labor Day weekend. Each year, New Belgium hosts Tour de Fat, drawing more than 20,000 people into Old Town. One of the main features of this fun weekend is the bike parade, in which thousands of revelers don silly costumes.
  • Fort Collins Utilities was the first company to offer green energy to customers.
  • Colorado State University, the students of which account for more than 30,000 Fort Collins residents, was founded before Colorado was even a state! It was renamed in 1957.
  • The CSU library houses more than two million books, government documents, and bound journals.
  • CSU is proud to be a top choice for international students; in fact, it was listed as the top school in the U.S. for international student satisfaction by the “International Student Barometer Survey.”
  • Despite what you may hear from locals, Fort Collins drivers are much safer than the national average—they are 26.8 percent less likely to be in an accident, in fact. With an average of 14 years between accidents, FoCo residents do not get into collisions very often, so you can feel safe driving here.

At Elevations Real Estate LLC, we are proud to show homebuyers the beauty of Fort Collins. If you are looking for a real estate brokerage you can trust in Northern Colorado, contact us today!