It started as a thought in the back of your mind, but as the months have passed, it’s coming up more and more: is it time to sell your home? You have put so much time and care into this house, and parting with it may feel like a betrayal. But time passes and things change, and what worked for you before doesn’t necessarily work now. If you suspect that you’ve outgrown your home and it’s time to move, we can help you sell your house in Fort Collins. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not it’s necessary, here are some telltale signs that it’s time to sell.

You’re Running Out of Room

Maybe you have added members to your clan, whether children or pets, or maybe you don’t have the space to pursue your hobby; whatever the reason, your home simply doesn’t have the space you need. If you really don’t want to leave your home, do the research to see whether or not you can take another route, such as getting rid of some of your possessions or adding onto your home. If getting rid of clutter is fruitless and building an addition isn’t an option, then it might simply be time to sell.

You Have Too Much Room

On the flip side, some people find that they have more space than they need in their home. This is most common when the kids go off to college, and suddenly, the house is echoing with silence. If it’s just you and your spouse now, it doesn’t really make sense to have three bedrooms. It might be hard to think about letting go of the home where you raised your kids, but think about how realistic it is for you to upkeep a large home between the two of you. If the too-big house is starting to feel more like a burden, than it might be time to say goodbye.

You’re in the Right Financial Position

Obviously, when you sell your home, you will make money, but keep in mind that you’re also going to need to spend it. Chances are, there are at least some little improvements that you will need to make in order to market your home to prospective buyers. Even if it is only some paint and landscaping, the costs of enhancing your curb appeal can add up. In addition, particularly in a hot market like Fort Collins, you’re likely going to be paying top dollar for your new digs as well. This competitive market is certainly a factor to consider when you are thinking about selling your home. If you are strapped for cash, it might be better to stay in your home while you save up enough money to sell.

At Elevations Real Estate, we are happy to help residents of Fort Collins sell their homes when the time is right. If you’re looking for a real estate agency that genuinely cares, contact us to get in touch with one of our agents!